Higher Ground Sports Turf

Higher Ground provides expert sports field and golf course management throughout the Southeast.

Fertilizer Applications

We offer both liquid and granular treatments to maintain your sports turf. We can develop a specific program for each field based on detailed soil analysis and field use.


Helps increase oxygen, water, and nutrients into the root zone. It also helps minimize soil compaction which can cause surface hardness and decrease player safety. We have the ability to provide deep-tine aerification as well as linear decompaction.


Provides thatch management, aids in drainage, improves low areas and helps in recovery of thin or damaged turf.


By overseeding your field or golf course with perennial ryegrass, you help guard against high-traffic wear and tear that could otherwise result in significant repairs or replacement.

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Whether your sports field is in dire need of professional help or you just want a more economical solution to your sports turf management needs, let us come out and provide a free assessment to get you ready for the season!